We specialize in manufacture of pressure vessels, heat exchanger, storage tanks, columns, towers, piping skid & other chemical process equipment for use in the chemical / oil & gas / Defense / power & Nuclear/ petro-chemical/ fertilizer industries.

We follow ASME Sec VIII Div I/II code specification unless specifically asked for other codes by customers.

Apart from customer’s requirements, we are also capable of manufacturing parts in compliance to the requirements below:

  • Heat Exchangers :- Size: 2500MM Dia X 10000 MM Length, Weight :-40-50 Tones, with Design Pressure of 100Kg/Cm², with a Tube sheet thickness of 200 mm,
  • Pressure Vessel: – Size 4000MM Dia X 12000MM Length, Weight :- 40–50 Tones, with plate thickness of 70 to 75MM.
  • Column: – Size: 2000MM Dia X 30000MM Length.
  • Agitated Vessel: – Shaft Dia:- 150-200 MM. and a Capacity o 30-40KL.
  • Fabrication of Non- Ferrous and Exotic materials
  • Crystallizers, KOD Vessels, Catalyst Loader , ANF


Engineering Support

Our main CAD/CAM System are AUTO CAD/INVENTOR.

We can read/write – import/export:

  • Auto cad drawings/Solid Works files/Master CAM files/IGES files/2D/3D files
  • For analyzing data available in drawings for estimation purpose, we use pipe data Pro / PV Elite / HTRI/ solid Shape on trial version


Quality Support

Our Quality Control manual is in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. This manual is available to you at any time; it assures you that the standards you require will be met.

  • Raw material Inspection done by quality engineer before start of projects.
  • Depending upon customer requirement inspection done by TPI as per approved QAP from TUV/ BV/ LRIS/IBIC/IBR/Mott Mac Etc
  • We follow our minimum quality assurance plan in absence of customers QAP


Additional Expertise

Process Engineering Software Simulations such as CHEMCAD/PVEllite /HTRI/B- JAC/HYSIS (partly).

Process Design including Mass -Energy balance, process equipment instrumentation diagrams (P & IDs), Instrument and safety valve design

We specialize in serving the following Industries:-

  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fertilizer
  • Chemical
  • Power

We also Server Various OEM where we development products for them



  • Heat Exchanger & Condenser
  • Waste-heat Boiler (under IBR and non-IBR)
  • Fined Tube heat exchangers
  • Air Receiver – High Pressure
  • Pressure Vessels & Storage Tank
  • LPG, hydrogen, ammonia, propane, Refrigeration storage tank under CCO Certification.
  • Cyclone Separator
  • Pollution Control Equipment
  • Scrubbers
  • Piping Skid for CNG Transportation,(Filtration, Metering & Pressure Reduction)
  • Meter-Runs (for Measurements of CNG Flow)
  • Crystallizer
  • Autoclave
  • Agitated Reaction Vessel
  • Condenser
  • Rotary Valves
  • Agitated Nutche filter/dryer (ANF)
  • Screw Conveyers
  • KOD Vessel
  • Pressure Filter
  • Aerators
  • Chemical Dozer

We are well equipped and staffed to undertake any development job Irrespective of it’s an import substitute of customer’s design job for specific application.

HARRYBEAT-AVADH PRESUURE VESSELS WELDING & FABRICATION CAPABILITIES (engineering design, fabrication of pressure vessels, skids, pipping spools, Heat Exchangers, columns, Agitators)

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859/1-E, GIDC, Estate
Vadodara – 390010
Gujarat, INDIA.
Ph # 9824011755
E-mail : [email protected]
Contact Person : Mr. Jayesh Patel